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Weekly Issue #11


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🔥 Top Mobile News

Apple Releases : iOS 14.1, iPad OS 14.1, watchOS 7.3, XCode 12.1

Apple Entrepreneur Camp applications open for Black founders and developers - Applications close on November 20, 2020.

Hummer EV ‘supertruck’ runs on Android, may get a Google Maps app - The name “Hummer” has long been synonymous with gas-guzzling SUVs, but last night, GMC announced a revival of the brand with a new electric vehicle. Now, we’re learning that the Hummer EV “supertruck” is actually running an Android operating system that may one day include Google Maps support.

[Fix coming] Some Samsung Galaxy S20 FE buyers are experiencing touchscreen problems - The new Samsung Galaxy S20 “Fan Edition” is a hit thanks to an affordable price and great feature set, but it seems some early buyers are facing problems. Apparently, the Galaxy S20 FE has a touchscreen issue, at least on some units.

Stadia was available through a custom iOS browser before Apple killed it - Google Stadia delivers one of the best game streaming experiences out there today, but like GeForce Now and Xbox Game Pass, Apple makes it extraordinarily difficult to get Stadia into the App Store. Luckily, there might be a way through the web. Thanks to a custom browser app, you can get Stadia up and running on iOS in a matter of minutes.

Tests suggest MagSafe charger could be super-slow for iPhone 11 and older - Tests suggest that using Apple’s new MagSafe charger with previous-generation iPhones could result in super-slow charging compared to normal Qi wireless chargers. Testing on the iPhone 11 Pro, for example, showed a charging rate as low as 0.96W against the 7.5W it should have drawn.

iSH Shell app lets you locally run a Linux shell environment on iPhone and iPad - If you always wanted to have a fully functional Terminal on your iPhone or iPad, now you can. The new iSH Shell app was officially released on the App Store to let iOS users locally interact with a Linux shell environment.

🍎 iOS Articles

Declarative UICollectionView List Header and Footer - Swift Senpai

What is @escaping in Swift closures - Sarun

Face ID and Touch ID coming to Web - Jiewen Tan in Webkit

The power of extensions in Swift - Swift by Sundell

The magic of redacted modifier in SwiftUI - Swift with Majid

iPhone 12 Screen Sizes - Use your loaf

Evolution of the programming languages from iPhone OS 1.0 to iOS 14 - Timac

Extending the Scribble User Experience - Akshat Patel in PSPDF Kit

Automating App Store localized screenshots with XCTest and Xcode Test Plan - Benoit Pasquier

Swift KeyPaths under a different optic - Tomás Ruiz López

Adaptive SwiftUI views - Federico in FiveStar Bologs

📺 GitHub with Ryan Nystrom - How it's Built

🔊 Episode 11: Fernando's Going to Eat His Hat - In this episode, hosts and speakers talk about 5G in detail along with the new iPhones, HomePod Mini.

🔊“Key paths, functions and closures” - with special guest Vincent Pradeilles - Swift by Sundell

🤖 Android Articles

Building a video timeline using RecyclerView - Shashank Mishra in Pro Android Dev

Running test multiple times with different parameters - Chizoba Ogbonna in Pro Android Dev

Android Design System and Theming: Colors - Hugo Matilla in Pro Android Dev

Jetpack Compose Interop

Part 1 : Using Traditional Views and Layouts in Compose with AndroidView

Part 2: Using Compose in Traditional Android Views and Layouts with ComposeView

Responsive Dialogs with Custom Navigator - Safa Orhan in Pro Android Dev

Enhance Android WebView Performance using Glide. - Mudit Sen in Pro Android Dev

Material Motion: Fade - Mark Allison

Android Sharing Shortcuts - Vlad Sonkin

📺 The ABC of Coroutines - Kotlin Vocabulary - Android Developers

⚔️ Flutter & React Native

Flutter Widgets (TabBar & TabBarView) The Whole Picture - Murtaza Sulaihi in Flutter community

5 steps for building audio player in Flutter - Arek Biela in Flutter community

Dart sound null safety: technical preview 2 - Michael Thomsen in Flutter

Introduction To Animations In Flutter - Anubhav Gupta in Flutter Devs

See How Enriched Is Dart? - Shivanchal Pandey in Flutter Devs

Flutter Bloc State Management - Utkarsh Sharma in Flutter Devs

Creating and Validating React Native Forms with Formik - Aman Mittal

React Native PrismJS using WebView - Akash Mittal

React Native Animation – Easy, Step By Step Guide - Akash Mittal

📈 Trending Dev blog

Don't waste your time on a portfolio website - Johannes Kettmann

5 Techniques I Use To Manage Stress As A Software Engineer - Nick Bull

8 must-know sorting algorithms - Mangabo Kolawole

Roadmap To Becoming A Successful Freelance Developer - kevin sims

Let's talk about bits - Manaswini

40 Amazing Developers You Should Follow On Youtube - Adrian Twarog

GitHub signed commits - Pavel

🛠 Dev Tools & Open-source Libraries

UXArchive - The world's largest library of mobile user flows

Coil - Coil is a Kotlin-first image loading library for Android built on top of Kotlin Coroutines by Colin White.

Animation Tutorials - Tutorials about animations in Android such as ObjectAnimators, ValueAnimators, translations, gradient animations, AnimationDrawables, AnimatedVectorDrawables with states, physics animations, fragment transitions, and image to ViewPager transitions, and more.

microphone - Flutter (web-only at this moment) plugin for recording audio through the microphone. - is the easiest way to stay updated on the latest programming news. It is a news aggregator made especially for software developers. With, you will get the best articles from the best tech publications on any topic

SVG Wave - Generate SVG Waves

Material-UI Builder - An online editor for Material-UI with a simple, intuitive drag & drop interface and ready-made React components.

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