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Hello World!

Welcome to the first edition of Mobile Developers Cafe blog/newsletter. Starting this week, we will try to send out a post every weekend which covers most of the things that happened in the mobile development community.

What’s the plan?

Our aim is to bring a curated collection of blogs, videos, podcasts, tutorials, code camps and announcements happening in the mobile development and design space. Soon, we will dive into covering more detailed technical posts, design posts etc. from various mobile development bloggers.

This week's Epic news:


Apple says Epic Games is violating its App Store guidelines by using its own payment system and removed Fortnite from AppStore. Soon after the removal, Epic Games came gave a well-curated response with a video mocking Apple’s iconic 1984 ad. Soon after, Google addressed the issue and removed the Fortnite Android app from PlayStore. Following the issue, Epic Games has filed an anti-trust violation lawsuit against both Apple and Google.

Fortnite’s video mocking Apple’s 1984 Ad :

Read more about the Epic Games issue.

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