MDC Weekly Blend — Edition #7

Apple India online store, New updates for Outlook apps, PayTm app delisted by Google, Expo SDK 39 released and lot more.

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⚔️ Cross-Platform

React Native


🛠️ Dev Tools & Open-source Libraries


  • SwiftUICharts - A simple line and bar charting library that support accessibility written using SwiftUI.


  • Open-source Maintainers' Must-haves - Dharmen Shah

  • Prototypr Publisher - Prototypr publisher is an editor created for designers and coders to publish (or republish) articles on an open platform for anyone to read.

  • AppFollow - Your timely response to the needs of the mobile market

  • Pory - Turn your Airtable data into a website in minutes without code

📈 Must read Dev blogs

🚀 New App Launches

  • Calendar (iOS, Android) - Be more Productive. Save time. Focus.

  • Widgetly (iOS) - Customize your home screen

  • Cool & Calm - Simple Weather (iOS) - Cool & Calm is an easy to use weather app, with a simple user interface. See all relevant data for today and get informed about the next few days.

  • Aviary (iOS) - Aviary is a beautiful Twitter client built with iOS design guidelines in mind. It's simple enough to pick up and use immediately, and powerful enough to tweak it just the way you want.

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