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Mobile Developers Cafe Newsletter - Edition #4


Welcome to the weekly edition of Mobile Developers Blend from MDC. If you would love to see our previous editions of the blend (newsletter), here is the link. From this week, we are adding Job board, Flutter Dev Articles, and React Native Dev articles. To get the Job details instantly, follow us on Twitter.

Enjoy the newsletter. 😀 Happy Weekend and stay safe.

🔥 Top News

  1. Apple has updated the app review process: For apps that are already available on the App Store, bug fixes won’t get delayed over guidelines violation. You can update the guidelines violations in the next update. Further, you can suggest changes to the App Store guidelines.

  2. [Full List] Indian government has banned 118 apps in relation to China including the PUBG due to privacy and security concerns.

  3. Cross-platform mobile development platform Flutter hascrossed100k stars in Github. On the other hand, ReactNative has about 89.8K starts.

  4. Microsoft announced Video Authenticator, which detects the images and videos which are manipulated by the AI which can help in the upcoming US presidential election.

  5. Apple today announced the introduction of Subscription codes. Developers now can use subscription codes to acquire customers by offering free or discounted prices for auto-renewable subscriptions.

  6. May be little older news: AWS Amplify (Amazon’s Firebase competitor) has announced support for Flutter.

  7. Github has introduced the Github Star Program earlier to recognize the people who go beyond in the open-source community. Now they have announced perks for the Github Stars.

🍎 iOS Articles

  1. Working with files and folders in Swift - Swift by Sundell

  2. SwiftUI Preview Data (About previewing views without launching the simulator) - Use Your Loaf

  3. [Tips] Showing view controllers, rather than pushing them - Swift by Sundell

  4. Displaying recursive data using OutlineGroup in SwiftUI - Majid

  5. Dispatching async or sync? The differences explained - Danny Wals

  6. SF Symbols Changes in iOS 14 - Geoff Hackworth

  7. Display data in the right way in Swift. List, Date, Number, and Measurement formatters - Alex in Flawless iOS

Few other little older articles we found worth reading:

  1. Lost in XCode Land - Great guide for new learners. Everything you need to know about the IDE - Oliver K.Ernst

🤖 Android Articles

✔️ #11WeeksOfAndroid by Official Android Developer blog is completed - Here is the recap

  1. Building resilient Android Applications - Aaron Oertel

  2. Ribbonize your Android application launcher icon (again) - Mateusz Kwieciński

  3. Prefer Storing Data with Jetpack DataStore - Florina Muntenescu

  4. Coroutine Task Executor - Erick Sumargo in Pro Android Dev

  5. Make your (Kotlin) code express itself - Prafull Mishra in Pro Android Dev

  6. Kotlin data class - Behind the Mask - Alfred in Pro Android Dev

⚔️ Flutter & React Native

Kotlin multiplatform: a new cross-platform contender to ReactNative and Flutter - Sébastien Lorber


  1. Learn testing with the new Flutter sample | GSoC’20 Work Product - Abdullah Deshmukh

  2. Google Maps for Flutter Tutorial: Getting Started - Raywenderlich

  3. Getting Started with Flutter - Raywenderlich

  4. The Flutter GetX Ecosystem ~ State Management - Aachman Garg in Flutter Community

React Native

  1. React Native Animation using Hooks: Loading Screen - Mohd Shad Mirza

  2. Correct way to cancel your Axios calls if your components are unmounted - Ognjen Lazić

  3. React Native Animated Code Input - Natalia Majkowaska - Stewart

🚀 App Launches

  1. Tokens 2 [Mac, Apple]- The better-in-every-way replacement for App Store Connect. Blazing fast promo codes. Amazingly user-friendly.

  2. NewsBox [Android] - Easily subscribe to, read, and save your favorite newsletters.

  3. Magnetic - Master your lists [iOS] - Plan, organize, move, delete, complete, and schedule tasks in bulk like the productivity wizard that you are

  4. Journal - Make Space - These days, space is hard to find. The chaos of life, the pressure to get things done, the stress of feeling scattered - all these things crowd out that essential mental space for thinking, focusing, and creating.

🎤 Events & Webinars




🕵️‍♀️ Job board

  1. Senior iOS Engineer - WillowTree - WFH until Office reopen

  2. Mobile Software Engineer - PestRoutes - Remote

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