MDC Weekly Blend — Edition #3

Mobile Developers Cafe Newsletter - Edition #3

🔥 Top News of the Week

Epic Vs Apple Update

Apple has terminated Epic's developer account which means, the users who have deleted Fortnite or any game from the developer cannot download again from the Purchases tab. A district court also ruled, Which prevented Apple from pulling the Developer account which certifies the Epic's Unreal Engine package.

The court also dismissed the appeal by Epic to continue selling Fortnite in the AppStore until the trial is over. On the same day Apple terminated the AppStore account, they promoted the PUBG in the app stores.

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🗒️ This week's Good Articles

🍎 iOS Dev Blogs

🤖 Android Dev Blogs

🆕 New apps of the week

  • Codemap - The code visualizer you wished for. Codemap visualizes function calls in the most intuitive way. It's built to supercharge engineers.

  • Tripapp (iOS / Android) - Take a trip. Expand your mind. Blending modern neuroscience with the wisdom of psychology, Trip takes you on a self-guided journey to help you make the most of your consciousness-expanding experiences.

  • Limus - Look at your screenshot at different angles

  • Emailio (Early Access) - Email built for wellness

  • Cashly (iOS) - Budget Planner Tracker

  • Doo App (iOS) - Simplify your to-do list

  • Chorus (iOS/Android) - Making Dating Human Again

  • Programming Hero (iOS / Android) - Programming just got fun

🖼️ Design Inspirations of the week (Mobile)

✏️ New Design Tools

  • Heroicons - Beautiful hand-crafted SVG icons,by the makers of Tailwind CSS.

  • Softr - From zero to a website in 5 minutes, using building blocks.

  • Avocode Design Copywriting - Start crafting and editing copy online directly in Adobe XD, Sketch & Figma files, and improve UX with the right words.

  • Noteqor - A note-taking app that cares about designers💙👩‍🎨

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☕️ A great developer needs great coffee

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