MDC Weekly Blend — Edition #2

The second edition of Mobile Developers Cafe’s weekly round up.

The second edition of Mobile Developers Cafe’s weekly round up.

🔥 Epic News Update:

One of the hot topics right now in the mobile industry is the battle between Apple and Epic Games. Epic Games sued Apple and Google after releasing a mock video of Apple’s 1984 commercial. Now, Apple has announced, they are going to terminate the Epic’s Apple developer account. Further, Apple had fired back that CEO Tim Sweeney has asked for special treatment. You can check all the emails related to this here.

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New Mobile apps

  • Paymobil — Send and request money anywhere in the world in seconds & Stablecoins, 100% backed by US Dollars

  • Waflee — Easy way for mobiles to connect to your Wi-Fi

  • Mobile app Landing page — Create amazing landing pages for your mobile apps

  • Typewise Keyboard — Next-generation smartphone keyboard (New honeycomb-style keyboard which claims to make you have fewer typos)

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