MDC Weekly Blend — Edition #10

Apple iPhone 12 launch, Apple on EU "Hit List", Carl Pei has left One Plus, Android Studio 4.1 and lot more


It's Apple release week. Apple had an event last Tuesday and announced 4 new iPhones including new lineup iPhone Mini and HomePod Mini. If you haven't watched the event, you can watch the event roundup in under 12 minutes. The new iPhone highlighted with 5G technology and the new MagSafe connector. Also, Apple removed the power brick and headphones from the package. On another news, Carl Pei, One Plus co-founder has left the company to go independent. Although he didn't mention whether it is mobile or tech-related.

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Who is Carl Pei, the man who built OnePlus? | Warpcore

🔥 Top Mobile News

  • Confirmed: OnePlus co-founder, Carl Pei, has left the company to go independent - His departure comes after launching the Nord sub-brand earlier this year. OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei has left the company, Android Central can confirm. Two sources familiar with the situation told AC that Pei left OnePlus in recent weeks, and no longer appears in the most recent OnePlus organizational chart.

  • Updated APNs provider API deadline - The HTTP/2-based Apple Push Notification service (APNs) provider API lets you take advantage of great features, such as authentication with a JSON Web Token, improved error messaging, and per-notification feedback. If you send push notifications with the legacy binary protocol, we strongly recommend upgrading to the APNs provider API.

  • Apple Developer - Offer your apps for pre-order even earlier - Now you can let customers pre-order your app up to 180 days before it’s released for download on the App Store

  • Android Studio 4.1 Launched blog and Video Explanation - Today, Google released the stable version of Android Studio 4.1, with a set of features addressing common editing, debugging, and optimization use cases. A major theme for this release was helping you be more productive while using Android Jetpack libraries, Android’s suite of libraries to help developers follow best practices and write code faster

  • Introducing the Android for Cars App Library - Releasing the library into open beta, for any developer to use. This means you’ll now be able to design, develop, and test your navigation, parking, or charging app on Android Auto. Google is looking forward to enabling Google Play Store publishing for your beta apps in the coming months.

  • New Google Workspace icons rolling out, starting with Drive - Google Workspace was announced at the start of October as a rebrand of G Suite and revamped approach to office-less productivity. As part of these changes, all of Google’s Workspace apps are seeing new icons, with the rollout now underway.

  • Apple on EU ‘hit list’ of tech companies to be more tightly regulated - Apple is reported to be on an EU ‘hit list’ of tech companies set to be subjected to much tighter regulation due to their market dominance. The list is said to include up to 20 tech giants, among them Amazon, Facebook, and Google

  • Judge denies preliminary injunction to Epic, and Fortnite will remain banned from App Store [U] - While the Epic Games trial against Apple is expected only for 2021, Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers has now denied a preliminary injunction to Epic regarding the Fornite ban from the App Store. That means Fortnite will remain banned from the App Store until the final decision of next year’s trial.

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🤖 Android Articles

⚔️ Flutter & React Native

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🚀 New App Launches

  • SubWidget - SubWidget is an elegant widget for iOS 14 that displays your current YouTube subscriber count.

  • Neutral - Live carbon neutral and create a better future

  • Hyfa - share products . earn shrooms . shop for free

  • Raindrop 5 - All-in-one bookmark manager, Intuitive. Powerful. Runs everywhere

🛠 Dev tools & Open Source Libs

Open Source

  • Cascade - [Android] cascade builds nested popup menus with smooth height animations

  • Random Color Scheme [Flutter] - Making a coherent Material Design theme is hard. This is a Flutter plugin that generates a random color pallet based on Material Design while respecting WCAG guidelines.

  • Apple CoreML Tools - Core ML tools contains all supporting tools for Core ML model conversion, editing and validation. This includes deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras, Caffe as well as classical machine learning frameworks like LIBSVM, scikit-learn, and XGBoost.

Dev Tools

  • Swipe Pages - Build high converting landing pages in minutes

  • The Good line-height - The good line-height calculates the exact number so it always fits the baseline grid!

  • Docxy - Docxy is a React-based open-source documentation website generator. Build beautiful, blazing fast documentation sites for your projects with just markdown.

  • Launchmatic - Design app screenshots without a designer

  • Bravo - From Figma app prototype to iOS and Android app. No-code.

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