Mobile Developers Cafe - Weekly Issue #12

Giveaway week, Apple One launching today, Apple and Alphabet earnings and lot more.

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Welcome to the 12th issue of Mobile Developers Cafe. We keep changing the curated content format every week based on the reader’s feedback. Thanks for the valuable feedback.

🙌 GIVEAWAY ALERT: We are giving away a copy of “SwiftUI by Example by Paul Hudson”. Subscribe, Retweet & Follow on Twitter to participate in the giveaway. The winner will be announced in the next issue (Nov 6).

👌 As a developer, we all handle with Regex a lot. Here is an amazing article by Amit that helps you to understand the regex visually.

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🔥 Top Mobile News


Android: ConstraintLayout 2.0.4, Android Studio 4.2 Canary 15, Kotlin Coroutines 1.4.0

Apple: macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 beta


Apple One services bundle available today: save money on Apple Music, iCloud and more - As part of its quarterly earnings call release, the company announced that its services bundle Apple One will be officially launching today, on Friday 30th. Apple One combines Apple Music, iCloud, Apple Arcade, and Apple TV+ at a discounted price for individuals and families.

Apple and Alphabet announces their Financial reports: Alphabet reports Q3 2020 revenue of $46.2 billion and Apple announces fiscal Q4 2020 earnings: revenue of $64.7 billion, more

Google Play Store tests feature letting you directly compare similar apps - The Google Play Store continues to test new features on an almost weekly basis, the latest of which is a direct app-to-app comparison called “Compare apps” option appearing for some, allowing direct feature checking between various similar applications.

Launch Center Pro now lets you change iOS app icons without using Shortcuts - Since the public release of iOS 14, users have been discovering new ways to customize their home screens with widgets and custom icons. While the most popular method requires using Apple Shortcuts to change icons, which adds an extra step to the process of opening apps, Launch Center Pro now lets you change iOS app icons without Shortcuts.

VR headsets not sharp enough for you? 10,000 PPI OLED screen tech revealed - Samsung and Stanford researchers have created an OLED display with a pixel density of roughly 10,000 PPI (h/t: IEEE Spectrum). In other words, even a 6-inch display with 32K resolution (30,720 x 17,280) wouldn’t match up, topping out at nearly 6,000 PPI.

Zuckerberg claims Apple’s ad-tracking policy will hurt small businesses - Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has claimed that a pending version of Apple’s ad-tracking policy will hurt small businesses when it is introduced next year. Further, he says Apple could damage the economic recovery from the coronavirus crisis.

Introducing Swift Service Discovery - Service Discovery is a Swift package designed to establish a standard API that can be implemented by various service discovery backends such as DNS-based, key-value stores, etc.

Adware found in 21 Android apps with more than 7 million downloads - Google has removed 15 of 21 Android applications from the official Play Store over the weekend following a report from Czech antivirus maker Avast.

React native website is migrated to Docusaurus - Sebastien Lorber explains about the release in a tweet.

iOS 14 beta users are being notified with a constant message about a non-existent update - It’s not just you. Once again, iOS beta users are facing an annoying message about a non-existent update. This time, users with iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 beta installed on the iPhone and iPad are being prompted with erroneous messages informing them to update to the latest beta release, even though there are no updates available.

🍎 iOS Articles

An easier way to manage full screen covers in SwiftUI - Daniel Saidi

Hashable SwiftUI bindings - Federico in Five Star Blogs

How to pass data between views using Coordinator pattern in Swift - Benoit Pasquier

Unit Testing Asynchronous Code in Swift - Vadim Bulavin in Yet Another Swift Blog

Connecting and merging Combine publishers in Swift - Swift by Sundell

Building a simple remote configuration loader for your apps - Donny Wals

Understanding Date and DateComponents - Sarun

🔊Episode 12: The First Rule of Dev Club… - Code Completion: James's path from audio engineer to app developer, How to get an interview when you don't have the experience, Fudging your resumes, but not lying to the hiring manager. Here is the view version.

Creating a game in SwiftUI - Story - Pavel Zak

🤖 Android Articles

📺MAD Skills Navigation: Wrap-Up - Chet Haase in Android Developers

Now in Android #28 - Chet Haase: MAD Skills Navigation, AndroidX libraries, Kotlin Vocabulary, articles and videos, a nano degree on Android Kotlin development, and a podcast episode on Paging

Leak detection: Android Studio vs LeakCanary ⚔️ - Py

Netflix Android and iOS Studio Apps — now powered by Kotlin Multiplatform - David Henry & Mel Yahya in The Netflix Tech Blog

Rescue View Sanity in RecyclerView! - Pooja Srivastava in The Startup

Material Motion: Container Transform - Mark Allison in Styling Android

3 Practical Steps To Master Android DataStore - Vlad Sonkin

kotlinx.coroutines 1.4.0: Introducing StateFlow and SharedFlow - Anton Arhipov in Kotlin Blog

Migrating the deprecated Kotlin Android Extensions compiler plugin to ViewBinding - Ahmad El-Melegy in Pro Android Dev

Breaking down destructuring declarations - Florina Muntenescu in Android Developers

Delving into Mobile Hardware - Farhan Rasheed in Pro Android Dev

Coroutines on Android Made Simple - Federico Puy in Pro Android Dev

Fewer crashes and more stability with Kotlin - Florina Muntenescu in Android Developers

Our counterintuitive fix for Android path normalization - Gary Guo in Dropbox Tech

🔊Further tales from the leading edge and beyond: more Apps, Games, & Insights podcast episodes -

⚔️ Flutter & React Native


Animated list In Flutter - Naveen Srivastava in Flutter Devs

In-App Purchases In Flutter - Apoorv Wadhwa

Obfuscating The Flutter App - Shivanchal Pandey

Stream Builder In Flutter - Naveen Srivastava

Scheduling and managing Google Meet events in Flutter - Souvik Biswas

Deep Dive Into The Pubspec.yaml File - Gonçalo Palma


How to Build a React Native App in 2021 📱(Part I) - Cristian Riță

React Native vs Xamarin: Pros and Cons (2020 Edition) - tomgrabski

📈 Trending Dev Articles

Software Engineer Hourly Rate Comparison Guide 2020 - Sasha Andrieiev in Codeburst

The new normal: App based education and how to react in times of crisis - Episode 9 - Season 2 of the Apps, Games, & Insights podcast kicks off with Babbel’s Elliot Rayner and John Quintana. They share their knowledge on app-based language learning and talk about how the new normal is disrupting the delivery of all types of education

Tips and Tricks for Freelancing - Alberto Bonacina

The technical writers guide to contributing to open source projects - Edidiong Asikpo

Let's talk about bits - Manaswini

Want recruiters attention? Build this 🔥 project in ⌚ 5 minutes to 🚀 your portfolio! - Brandon

📺How to Teach Code - Ali Spittel

🛠 Dev Tools & Open source

FlutterFlow - Build Flutter Apps Effortlessly

AppSheet - The intelligent no‑code platform. Create apps to transform your workplace.

Raycast - Raycast lets you control your tools with a few keystrokes. It’s designed to keep you focused.

Pizzly- The open-source tool to build all of your OAuth API Integrations

Bubbles - Start conversations by dropping a comment on top of any app or whatever you see on your screen.

UnSpam Email - Email Spam Checker and Heat Map Prediction


icalendar_parser - Package to parse iCalendar (.ics) files written in pure Dart.

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