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How are you guys doing? It's good to see you all again after a break for few weeks. Starting next week, we will be sending out the newsletter mid-week. Thanks a lot for all the support!!

Checkout Linx - A low-code, general-purpose, back-end development tool. (APIs, integrations, automation). Build your apps without worrying much about backend code.

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  • Linx - Linx is a low-code, general-purpose, back-end development tool. (APIs, integrations, automation).

  • COSMOS - The Virtual HQ for remote teams to be together again

  • Rowy - GCP as easy as ABC. Build on Google Cloud Platform in minutes.

  • Bravo Studio 3.0 - The fastest mobile app building platform. Convert your designs into native apps, instantly.

  • FlutterFlow Showcase - Available as sample apps so you don't have to start from scratch.

  • Run[x] - Automated Infrastructure on any cloud. Create a secure, scalable, compliant Infrastructure stack for your startup in less than an hour.

  • Blobr - Get your branded API portal, manage access, and monitor usage.

  • Palitra App - The easiest way to find a color palette!

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  • [Volunteer submission - October 20th] - Nov 10 - 11 - Droidcon NYC, $295 - $495

  • [Call for Speakers] - Nov 11 - 12 - Droidcon Italy, €39 + €15 for merchandise.


January 2022

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