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Hello 👋,

How are you doing? I am writing this newsletter on a macOS 12 beta. Looks like all the beta released in the last month (macOS, iPadOS, iOS and Android 12) are without breaking issues. I installed iOS 15 on my secondary iPhone and used for a week and installed it on the main device today. Hope nothing breaks in future beta.

Do you install a beta on your phone or laptop? Do let us know here.

Hackathon Alert:

Are you guys ready for few challenges? HarperDB partnering with Hashnode and conducts an online hackathon.

🔥 What's Happening Around

A great developer needs great coffee. I wrote this newsletter while sipping a cup of my all-time favorite ❤️ Rage coffee. Try out Rage coffee now with 10% OFF when you use the code DEVS or Buy using this link to get a special discount on all products: https://ragecoffee.com/discount/DEVS

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🚀 Dev Tools & New Apps worth checking out

  • Apostrophe - The website builder platform you've been looking for.

  • dewey - Get the most out of your Twitter Bookmarks

  • Super - Build websites with the simplicity of Notion

  • Namify - Build a memorable online brand easily with this business name generator

  • Spotify Greenroom - Talk music, sports and culture live. (Clubhouse like feature app from Spotify)

  • Retool - Build internal tools, remarkably fast

  • Unfreeze - Simple macOS application that performs OCR on code snippet images.

🎤 Events & Webinars

June / July 2021

July 2021


  • [Online] Sep 23 - 24 - CodeLand - Motivation & Career-Long Connections For Early-Career Devs

  • [Online] - iConf’21 , Sep 27 - 28



  • [Call for Speakers] - Aug 30 - 31Droidcon NYC, $295 - $495

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