Mobile Developers Cafe - Weekly Issue #27

WWDC 2021, Twitter announces Twitter Blue, Whatsapp is coming to iPad, Apple TV coming to all android TVs and lot more.


I know everyone is super excited for the WWDC 2021, which is set to start on Jun 7th, 10 am PDT. A special keynote "State of the Union" is scheduled at 2 pm on the first day, which is said to have more focus on the Developer side. Don't miss.

 Donny Walls have created an amazing guide to WWDC 2021.

For Apple Fans, checkout this cool quiz by Jordan MorganGet ready for WWDC 2021 with these playlists, podcasts, stories, concepts, wallpapers, and tips

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  • wickedtemplates - Landing pages for your next projects

  • Nice Avatar - Generate amazing avatars for your projects

  • Mobile Palette Generator - Generate color palettes with a click of the mouse

  • HeyForm - Easy-to-use Forms that Ask the Right Questions.

  • Alpaca - Unlimited access to real-time US stock market data

  • socketkit - Take control of your analytical data. Subscription management & event tracking for privacy advocates.

🎤 Events & Webinars

Facebook introduces new business API for Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger during F8 Refresh conference -

Facebook today presented the Messenger API for Instagram, WhatsApp Business API, Login Connect with Messenger, and more during its F8 Refresh developers conference.

Going back to its roots, Facebook bet on a “true developer” conference by offering more technical content geared toward developers. Mark Zuckerberg welcomed the community while Konstantinos Papamiltiadis, VP of platform partnerships, conducted the event as the keynote speaker.

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