Mobile Developers Cafe - Weekly Issue #25

iOS 14.5 Release, Interview with Craig Federighi, Mac Dev Survey, Apple and Google reported Q1 earnings and lot more.

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iOS 14.5 released with lots of new features including Apple's App Tracking Controls which is the talk of the town now. Check out this interview with WSJ, where Craig Federighi talks about the decisions behind the App Tracking controls. Along with iOS 14.5, we get the

Famous Git App, Tower has conducted a Mac Dev Survey, and Mobile Development is the second most choice for developers with 25% share. And 9 out of 10 developers on the Mac listen to music while they code! Only around 10% always prefer to type away in silence.

😷 As Covid19 situation getting worse day by day around the world, it’s very important for everyone to use mask, sanitise periodically and go out only if necessary. Stay safe and Keep Coding.

💼 RadiusAgent is looking for iOS Developer in Bangalore Location (WFH at the moment).

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  • Emaily - Create a ready-to-send email

  • Devbook - Devbook is a search engine for developers that helps them to find the resources they need and answer their questions faster.

  • Pixeltrue Mockup Generator - Free and Simple Device Mockup Generator

  • arc() - The easiest way to find remote developer jobs

  • Typestudio - A collection of the best startup product videos on the web.

  • getLocus - Virtual spaces for work and communication

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